Simply the Best Way to Transfer Money Overseas

Israel's Best Exchange Rates, Unmatched Security, and Hassle-Free Service

Save Up to 5% On All Your Foreign Currency Transfers with No Hidden Fees

How Do We Earn Our Money?  By Earning You More On Your Currency Exchanges

*The above shows how many shekels a client would have received upon converting $250,000 at 3:30 pm on November 4, 2019.

No Surprises, Guaranteed

Many currency transfer companies and financial institutions confuse clients by advertising attractive exchange rates only to add hidden fees later, but not us.


At IsraTransfer we take a percentage from the interbank rate, based on the amount transferred at the time of your exchange, and unlike banks we don't charge you to receiver your money. 

We explain everything upfront – clearly and without the jargon.  There are no surprises and you don’t need a finance degree to understand what you’re paying.


Any questions? Just ask, our expert English-speaking staff is always ready to assist!

Transferring currency overseas is our specialty, both to and from Israel.

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Service with a Personal Touch

Want to learn more about how IsraTransfer can help you?  Set up a time to speak to speak on the phone.

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